Job Done - Bri on Fox Hunting

by Anne
on 10 January, 2018

Job Done - Bri on Fox Hunting Repeal

Hurrah ! Of course nobody thinks this decision is due to a sudden flood of compassion in the bosom of Theresa May !  But it's a welcome decision of course.  All credit to Michael Gove who is the power behind this move. But these things do not happen all by themselves. We can now say that Foxes,

Stags and Hares are protected by law against persecution for at least the next 4 years (a Labour Govt would never reverse this course) - but it's happened because of constant work over many years by all the organisations which fought so hard for the rights of animals in recent years. 

We fought (and won) against Cameron's rather squalid attempt to disable the Hunting Act through the back door with a S.I. (Statutory instrument) and we along with a small band of valiant campaigners have patiently martialled the forces of every decent and compassionate MP in all parties in the Commons to ensure that Theresa May never actually stood a chance of bringing in her promised repeal. 

The pro-blood-sports chaps at the Countryside Alliance must be scratching their heads to figure out which party to vote for at the next election ! Because smashing the act that protects our wild animals is now a dead issue. All we need now is proper enforcement of the Act, and the closing of the loophole that makes it possible to hunt and kill a fox 'by accident'.

The next aim must be to save our Badgers from the tragic slaughter which is helping farmers not one bit. There is hope. Even those who do not like Michael Gove must be starting to realise that in this man we have the first Minister of the Environment in living memory who is willing to listen. He's also had the wit and courage to implement a number of measures already which are benefiting animals and the environment in this country. I believe a change is in the air. 

We at SAVE ME are doing everything we can to help this change happen.

Join us ! Bri


Video of Theresa May talking on Fox Hunting and repeal.